One - One Sessions

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Whatever your goals. Teesdale Fitness is here for you for your future health.

Injury Rehab

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Qualified soft tissue sports massage and holistic recovery programmes all available to you.


Weight Loss and Toning

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Transform your body into the shape you want to be.



As a fully qualified personal trainer and sports massage therapist, I have an extensive knowledge of lifestyle management and the human body. I offer highly customisable programmes and consultations on a one-to-one basis or two clients who have similar fitness goals. My areas of expertise include weight loss, flexibility, martial arts, sports plyometrics and calisthenics. Read more. . .

Nutrition and Lifestyle Management

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Good nutrition is not just the framework for good health. It's the foundations that your body needs.

Martial Arts Fitness

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Train under a 3rd Dan Black Belt Taekwondo instructor. Self defense, intense pad drills and confidence building.

Mobility and Flexibility

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Prepare your body for the future by improving your mobility. Stretching is relaxing both physically and mentally.

Hypertrophy and Aesthetics

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Do you even lift?

Plyometrics and HIIT

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Think you know a tough leg workout? You don't.

Callisthenics and Conditioning

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No equipment needed. Just dedication.

Training with Online Support

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Bespoke, self coordinated programmes with email support and regular phone conferencing.